Flight Controls and Surfaces

Flight controls and surfaces are among the most critical aircraft assemblies and components.  They are subject to repeated high-stress dynamics and must be reliably maintained to assure dependable performance.  630 Aerospace specializes in repairing, re-building and re-skinning flight surfaces for commercial, regional and business aircraft.

Our FAA-certified repair technicians conduct all inspection, repair, overhaul and installation.  Complete metal and composite fabrication department produces precision replacement parts, relying on decades of successful parts and surfaces repair, refurbishment and production experience.

From clean rooms, speciality coatings and curing ovens to precision machining, paint booths and custom jigs, 630 Aerospace employs the latest tools, bonding techniques and composite technologies to maintain flight surfaces and control systems in optimum flight-performance condition.  Our customer-first approach means aircraft entrusted to us for repair return to service faster, earning our customers more revenue and accolades from their customers.

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