Tools and Technology

As a leading provider of superior aviation maintenance, repair and overhaul services, 630 Aerospace relies on leading technologies and advanced tools to assure that we meet our mission and exceed our customers’ expectations: Deliver the best quality repairs and parts to our customers, in the shortest amount of time, and in the most cost-effective way. To that end, we have created a cutting-edge inspection, testing and repair capability.

Fully Certified Aerospace Welding
630 Aerospace commands complete capabilities for welding any aerospace material, including Tungsten, Aluminum, Inconel, Titanium, Magnesium and Stainless Steel. Whether GTAW, MIG, TIG, our certified technicians are experienced in:

  • Bleed Air Ducts
  • APU Exhaust Ducts
  • Anti-Ice Ducts
  • Engine Exhaust Ducts and Nozzles

Composite Repair and Bonding
Our state-of-the-art composite repair and bonding facility features two computer-controlled autoclaves and can perform any level of composite bonding repair or overhaul on any composite component. 630 Aerospace’s highly trained and experienced technicians possess an unsurpassed level of expertise in engineering repairs and DER repairs. Materials handled include:

  • Carbon Fiber
  • Fibre Glass
  • Quartz
  • Kevlar

In-House Tooling
630 Aerospace can fabricate OEM-style tooling and bond forms to facilitate repairs, re-skins, re-cores, and composite and structural repairs, as needed – allowing us to contain costs and shorten turn-times for our customers. Tooling services include:

  • Reverse engineering form existing part or component
  • Manufacturing from drawings
  • Manufacturing from 3D Models
  • Fabrication of holding fixtures and jigs
  • Fabrication of composite tooling for repair and manufacturing

Leading Edge Repair & Overhaul
630 Aerospace offers complete capabilities for dent removal and/or full reskins of leading-edge assemblies. We can install OEM skins or manufacture skins in-house when they are not available from the manufacturer. Our certified repair team also performs all necessary buffing and coating applications.

  • Dent Removals
  • Reskinning
  • Skin Manufacturing
  • DER Repairs

Manufacturing for Repair
Piece Part Manufacturing to Facilitate Repairs 630 Aerospace has invested in 3- and 4-axis machining capabilities to facilitate the repair of larger assemblies. Our engineering and technical team can manufacture piece parts of larger
components that are damaged and not readily available on the market or from the OEM. This advanced manufacturing repair capability means that customers’ repairs are not delayed, and downtimes are minimized, returning aircraft to service – and revenue -- much sooner. Typical repair-manufactured piece parts include:

  • Fittings
  • Ribs
  • Spars
  • Bushings
  • Mount Rings
  • Doublers